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Jacobs Ladder
Friday 26th January 2018

Following on from the packed out Messy Nativity in December we were expecting a quiet start to Messy 2018 – but far from it - the evening was a very busy one with lots of families joining with us!

Katharine led our worship time in church – our theme was Stairway to Heaven and the story was about Jacob who had deceived his blind father into thinking that he was his brother Esau and in the process stealing Esau’s birthright.  Once Esau found out what had happened he wanted to kill Jacob so the only way out for Jacob was to run away from home before Esau got the chance to follow through on his threat.  The story tells about an amazing dream that Jacob had one night when he was mid-flight and in the desert. In the dream he saw a ladder going up to Heaven with angels ascending and descending.  God spoke to him in the dream and the result was that Jacob was truly sorry for what he had done and he promised God that he would return home to his father and brother and make peace with them.  You can read the full story in Genesis chapter 28.

After worship we were all very hungry and ready to do full justice to our delicious meal of Tagliatelle and meatballs followed by Angel Delight with sprinkles!  The meal gave us the energy we all needed to start on the 5 crafts and 2 games that the Messy Team leaders had organised.

Karen’s table were making ‘Pinky’ Promise hands – we drew round and cut out our hand shapes and wrote on the hand a promise to God that we could stick to - tying a bow around the ‘pinky’ finger to remind us it was a promise.  Lynne’s table were decorating two people shapes – one with a happy face and one with a sad, mean face.  They were stuck back to back on a lolly stick that could be turned round to show both faces to remind us of our story.  Janice and Ted were showing how to decorate and paint our own name on a large pebble using nail varnish to show that we are special to God.  Mark was supervising our Cookery Corner – making ladder cakes.  We stuck mini Curly Wurly bars into a fairy cake to symbolise the ladder up to heaven in Jacobs dream.  Then we put jelly baby ‘Angels’ onto the ‘ladder’ and marshmallow clouds at the top.  Katharine’s table made a big collage of Jacob asleep at the bottom of the ladder he saw in his dream – a very messy craft indeed!  It is now hanging in the crèche area  – take a look at it the next time you’re in Church!

Steve and Becky were in the foyer area with a giant snakes and ladder game and a giant Ladder Hopscotch game – so as you can see we had a very full evening once again.

Our next two Messy Church evenings will be on Friday 23rd February and Friday 23rd March.  The March Messy is a week earlier than normal because the last Friday in the month is Good Friday.  We had a surprise visit from a lady in our church at our last Messy Church who got stuck in as soon as she arrived and – she said, (not me) – that she had thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  If you fancy visiting us one month – or even every month – you would be very welcome.





















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