Kingsfold Methodist Church

A Message From The Manse
November/December 2021

Reverend Janet Titterton

Dear friends,

I must begin my message with two big “THANK YOU”s.

Thank you to Peter Dugdale for his many years as editor, compiler and distributor of The Kingsfolder magazine, which kept us all informed of what was happening at Kingsfold Methodist. And more than that, it encouraged us to get involved and to play our part in the life of the church.

And thank you to Karen Rufus who has agreed to continue Peter’s work, in a slightly different way, by producing this newsletter so that we will know what is going on in the life of our church.

The Covid pandemic has had, and is still having, a huge effect on church life. One change is that a number of members have taken the decision to retire from the “jobs” that they had been doing. We understand their decisions and thank them all for what they have so faithfully offered over the years.

The world is changing, our lives are changing and our church is changing. God is calling us all on to lay down some of our old ways and embrace new ideas, to explore new ways of serving and witnessing. As Charles Wesley wrote in one of his many hymns “To serve the present age”. Not an age long gone, but the people and places around us here and now. 

What is God calling you to do? What is God calling His church to do? What are our hopes and dreams for ourselves, for our church, for the Kingdom?

Why not come to the Snack and Chat lunch on November 6th and tell us? Or get in touch with me or one of the stewards and tell us what God is calling you to do? 

The future church lies in our hands. Let’s give thanks for the past and commit ourselves to whatever God has in store for the future. Let’s praise God for all that is past, and trust God for all that’s to come.

With my love and prayers for you all,

Rev Janet