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Messy Church.
Friday 26th April 2019
The Easter Story

Lots of families joined with us as we celebrated Easter at our April Messy Church recently.  Nicky led the worship telling us the Easter story with the aid of pictures on the screens and then we sang a couple of songs – one was really fast with a lot of actions.  This proved very popular especially with one of the grandads who went home and sang it to his family!

After worship we helped ourselves to the party food that Marion, Enid and John had made for us – so delicious that it disappeared very quickly.
We had an Easter egg hunt with small eggs hidden throughout the building – obviously all the children thought this was great fun.  Crafts were next and this month we had six to choose from, there were also some games which Nicky had organised.
The people at Karen’s table were using their fingerprints to dot paint on a cross shape, very colourful and unique to the person making it.  Lynne’s table made a model of Jesus risen from the tomb.  Becky’s corner made a paper Chatterbox re-telling the Easter story.  Janice and Mark were helping the children to make a chocolate nest filled with mini eggs, Alice was showing how to make bookmarks, and decorate goody bags with Easter characters.  On Abigail’s table the children made a picture of a flowerpot with a handshape for the plant topped with cut out fun foam flowers.  Each flower had a letter spelling out JESUS with the words ‘is risen’ written on the palm print.

Some of the older children were playing games that Nicky had organised so as you can see, it was another full-on night!

The Easter eggs from the hunt were shared out equally at the end and everyone left with a very full goody bag!

Our next Messy Church is on Friday 31st May at 6pm – why not join us for 2 hours of fun, worshipping God, but in a different way.

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