Kingsfold Methodist Church

Messy Church.
Friday 28th February 2020
'Love your Neighbour' 

For our February Messy Church our theme was ‘Love your Neighbour’.  Nicky Gleeson led the worship part of the evening inviting us to think about who exactly is our neighbour and how we can show people the love of Jesus through the things we do and say and the way we behave towards others.

Tea this month was Chicken Fajitas, wraps, tortilla chips and fries followed by choc ices or ice cream – that all went down very well as it’s one of the favourite meals of our Messy families!

Thanks to our lovely kitchen helpers – Eileen and Vicky for helping to serve and wash up and to Julie for doing the cooking.

This month we had 3 crafts, some Love wordsearches and 4 different ‘minute’ games for everyone to try their hand at.

In the Craft area - Julie’s table made friendship bracelets while Karen’s corner made Hama bead heart shaped fridge magnets.  Lynne’s table was discovering how to make heart shaped glo-sticks.

Becky, Janice and Mark were overseeing the games – how long could you keep a balloon in the air without it touching the ground?  Using chopsticks, you had to swap Maltesers (so tricky) and rainbow drops (so tiny) from one plate to another without dropping them.  How many times could you do a bottle flip in a minute?  Sucking objects up with the aid of a paper straw and holding it in place – for how long?!  So many challenges!  Everyone enjoyed the evening and left looking forward to our next event.

This should be on Friday 27th March but due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have had to cancel Messy Church for the foreseeable future – once we have the all clear and are back up and running please do drop in and visit us.  Check the church website for updates as to when it is safe to return.  In the meantime have a look at the photos from February’s Messy.  See you all soon everyone and stay safe and well!12

















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