Kingsfold Methodist Church


(Updated 4th February 2009)


It all started with a builder's hut on a new council estate in the 1950's, with the children sitting on planks on upturned oil drums for their Sunday School lessons.

It moved, from week to week, into the nearest unfinished house (courtesy of the builders), and, when that became no longer possible, into the front room of a house in nearby Pope Lane. From that Sunday School grew a church with the formal opening of a large wooden hut in a prominent place on Hawksbury Drive, at the heart of the Kingsfold area.  The first adult service took place on April 16th, 1958, with music provided by a harmonium.


That wooden hut became the focal point of many activities - for men, women and children, and was used seven days a week. Its Scout and Guide groups were particularly successful in meeting the needs of the local community. But times were hard and the Sunday collections totalled no more than £1.50p a week!

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