Kingsfold Methodist Church

Church Family Fun Day
23rd June 2018

Finally the day arrived that so many people had been busy planning for – our Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Free Family Fun Day!  The day dawned bright and sunny – we all breathed a huge of relief as the weather is usually less than perfect for our Fun Days!  However, we needn’t have worried – it was a perfect day and we were able to have lots of events outside in the car park area.  A willing and able bunch of us turned up at 10am to set everything up for the afternoon ahead.

When we opened the Church gates at 1pm, there was already a small crowd of excited families gathered waiting to be let in – and from then on - for 3 hours - it was absolutely non-stop!  So many people came to join in the afternoons fun and games. Every time I poked my head outside, there were crowds of folk everywhere and by the time I got back inside, there were more crowds inside the Youth Hall and the 50’s room – amazing!  I estimate we had at least 150 people at the event – but that is a conservative estimate. The climbing wall was a huge draw with a constant queue of brave and hardy children wanting to see if they could make it to the top – I’m thrilled to report that our very own Matthew Parkin climbed right to the very top – which is some achievement as it was quite a height!!  Both Trevor and Steve Parkin were on hand to help Nigel Cole the climbing wall guy. The bouncy castle manned by Mark Howard was full of smaller children all afternoon and the Coconut Shy did a roaring trade too - Rob Matthews – one of our friends from Penwortham Methodist Church had come to run it – not quite sure if he knew what he was letting himself for as it is very tiring - picking up knocked over cans from the floor, constant bending for 3 hours took some doing!

We also had a football shooting net outside with lots of dads and lads taking shots to see how many goals they could score.  Two of our older lads from Messy Church, Ted and Oliver were helping with this. Rev Katharine and Becky had an endless stream of children waiting for Candy Floss whilst Janice and Anna Howard found the same inside with the popcorn!  The Chair of the District Rev Paul Davis and his wife Elizabeth also popped in for an hour and Rev Paul was seen taking direction from Rev Katharine flossing some candy and we have the photos to prove it – check the website for this and lots more photos of the days happenings!  Still on the food front and behind the Youth Hall, Ken Rufus and Peter Rimmer were in charge of two BBQ’s - cooking and flipping burgers and sausages manfully all afternoon.  Inside Gillian Rimmer and Gill Hargreaves were very busy with face painting – again queues of children waiting patiently to have their little faces transformed into animals, butterflies and, of course, the England flag!!

Carole and Steve were kept on the go with the chocolate tombola – thank you so much for all your donations – we certainly needed the amount we had! I was helping the kids to make jewelled butterflies and door hangers whilst Eileen and Jean were busy creating scratch art creatures and fridge magnets. 

Marion and Hannah were dispensing temporary tattoos and we had a playdoh table for the littlies and also a quiet corner for them with Duplo and books and toys.  We had games in the Church foyer overseen by Lynne and Rev John – Play Your Cards Right, a fishing game, a buzzer game , a labyrinth ball game and a game which involved throwing balls over your shoulder trying to get them to land in a bucket!

The café was busy with a steady flow of people dropping in for cakes and drinks cheerfully served by Vicky, Ruth, Janice, Jackie and Enid.

Lots of the people who came to our event stayed for the entire afternoon which finally ended just after 4pm.  Thank you to all the people who came from our own congregation to support the day, those who made lots of cakes and those who donated chocolate and money – we really do appreciate your gifts, help and support.  A huge, huge thank you to everyone in the Fun Day team for their sterling work throughout the afternoon.  Some stayed behind afterwards to clear up and set the Youth Hall to rights in preparation for the Celebratory Sunday lunch the next day.  All in all, the afternoon had been another massive success – nothing that we had accomplished that day could have happened without the help of so many willing volunteers – so thank you once again, we could not have managed without you all!  We were all pretty shattered by the end of the day – but it was a happy tired!  It was a wonderful day of friendship, fellowship, fun and, more importantly, a witness to God’s love for our friends and neighbours of the Kingsfold Community.  We had thrown our doors open and once again they had responded in a marvellous way.

Love Karen x










































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