Kingsfold Methodist Church

Messy Nativity
Sunday 16th December 2018

Our Messy Nativity service was on Sunday 16th December at 10.30 am and what a wonderful morning we had.  The church was set up with tables and chairs in a café style setting, the church looked gorgeous – decorated by some of the Messy Team the day before.  Christmas banners up, the stable in situ ready for the Nativity tableau later in the service and craft items and bowls of chocolates on each table.

The church was filled to capacity with Messy children, families and members of our church congregation.

The title of our service was ‘Jesus is the Heart of Christmas’ and what a bumper packed service it was led by Nicky Gleeson and the Messy Team.  We explored different emotions that Christmas brings out in us – grumpiness at all the extra work of shopping, baking, card writing and gift wrapping.  Greediness at the amount of money that people spend on gifts and the amount of money that others expect us to spend in return.  Eating and drinking too much when others don’t have enough to eat.  Surprise when we realise that actually, the best gift of all is totally free and available to us all year round – the gift of Jesus and his love.
We had our usual Messy craft time in the middle of the service with everyone joining in marvellously.  There was a mix of 4 different crafts on each table – Nativity colour-in baubles, Nativity mosaic decorations, 3D Angel decorations and 3D wooden star decorations, which everyone enjoyed making.

We heard the story of the first Christmas night with the children acting out the various parts – and a brilliant job they made of it too!  John Maiden and Trevor helped us out by playing the Innkeeper and King Herod – and they were pretty good too!

After the service refreshments were served at each table whilst the children got changed and received a bag of chocolates and a copy of the Christmas story book as a thank you for taking part.  Once again we had a really lovely morning, setting the scene for Christmas 2018.  A big thank you to Nicky, the whole Messy Team and, of course, the children who were our star players!
Karen Rufus

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