Kingsfold Methodist Church

Musings From The Manse

Rev Janet Titterton

Good morning to you all,

Another month in lockdown has passed us by, and we find ourselves at the beginning of June. I am attaching another booklet of short services for you to use at home, if you wish. I hope that you are all able to access the circuit's daily reflections and Sunday services on Facebook or Youtube, and finding them helpful. 

Don't forget to read, watch TV and listen to the radio too, if you need a change! There is plenty of food for thought out there. 

As a staff team we have been discussing how long it is likely to be before we are able to meet for worship, and the answer seems to be that it is still months away. When we do begin to meet together, it will be in a limited and new way - maybe with services for smaller groups and at only one or two churches at first. 

We will keep you informed of any decisions, which will all be made in accordance with Government and Connexional guidance. 

In the meantime, please do keep in touch with each other. Thank you all so much for all the caring and prayer that I know is happening. And you, like me, might be encouraged by remembering those last words of our own John Wesley - "Best of all is, God is with us."

With my love and prayers, until we meet again,

Rev Janet