Kingsfold Methodist Church

Musings From The Manse
October 2019

Rev Janet Titterton

“I have called you by your name: you are mine” (Isaiah 43:1)

Firstly, may I say a very big and sincere THANK YOU to you all for the warmth of your welcome to myself and Barry as we have come to live and serve among you. We feel very settled and pleased to be here, and we look forward to a happy and fruitful time here in Preston.

I feel that I am beginning to find my way round and getting to know people. But one of the most difficult things about moving into a new circuit is learning and remembering names. It’s easy enough for you – you only have the name of one minister (not forgetting a husband and dog!) to remember. I have hundreds! Please forgive me for any mistakes I make, and please do put me right. A minister at one of my previous churches mistakenly called me June – I have no idea who June was – and I was too polite to correct him. He went on calling me June for the entire five years of his stay, and the time never seemed quite right to correct his mistake.

Learning and remembering names is not easy, but it is important. Our name is special and precious. To know someone by name is to be in a relationship with them, and to be called by a name rather than a number makes us feel valued and special.

I am amazed to think that God knows and remembers the names of not only the members of Kingsfold Methodist Church, and of the Preston Ribble Circuit, but of every child of his throughout the world. Not 50 or 100 names, but 7 and a half billion! Our names are known and remembered, written on the palm of His hand. He knew us even before we were born, even before our mothers knew we were on our way into the world.

What a wonderful God we worship. He never gets it wrong, never needs to be reminded. We are all special and precious in His sight. We have His promise that He will never forget us. I hope that this might be the very real experience of us all as we seek to worship and serve Him together.

With my love and prayers,

Rev Janet  

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