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Sierra Leone

I visited Sierra Leone in again February, which was wonderful, everyone is doing really well at New Hope School church, the children at Emmanuel house children’s home (many of whom were orphaned through the Ebola crisis) are really settled and happy. We went to an outreach meeting in a remote village called Mabendo, evangelists from New Hope Church shared the gospel and Marion (midwife) and Rebecca (nurse) held one of their regular clinics they are really pleased locals are taking on board healthcare advice and babies especially are a lot healthier. More women have joined the Hands of Dorcas tailoring project and they have made their own uniforms so they stand out as Dorcas trainees! Those who graduated last year are all supporting their families sewing at home or working in tailors shops.

Mercifully there still aren’t too many cases of coronavirus in Sierra Leone (but after Ebola, people are scared), but restrictions have meant food is in short supply and prices are very high, please pray for everyone to be able to get food for their families.


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Our partners Prison Fellowship Romania (PFR) support some desperately poor Roma communities in Transylvania. Here are some photos from the villages in January, when the team went to distribute items from the truck sent from our warehouse. The Roma people in this area are very marginalised, communities are often without access to education or employment. Clothes to help during the harsh winter were very gratefully received and as you can see, shoebox gifts brought great delight to the children! Please pray with us for PFR as they seek to help these communities and share Jesus’s love with them.



Shoeboxes are distributed by our team who know their local communities well, working very closely with local Churches, they make sure gifts get to the people who need them most, and share the good news of Jesus at the same time.

As you know, we send shoebox gifts to people of all ages.  Natasha (bottom left in the Ukraine photos) lives in Gvardiyske, Ukraine, she’s 60 and has diabetes which led to her having to have a leg amputated. Natasha first met Igor and the team from Klevhoka church when they took her a shoebox gift. A while later during the ‘Vision Mission’ she had her eyes tested, received reading glasses and was able to see well enough to begin reading her Bible, through this she became a Christian.  As all her family are now in Kiev, the church are a great support and a home group meets at her house. This year Natasha opened her shoebox and found a lovely thick pair of socks, she joked “I only have one leg, so they will last twice as long!”

Thank you to everyone who fills shoebox gifts! That someone has taken the time to choose gifts for them and maybe even write a card means such a lot to people receiving a shoebox.