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Sunday School - Messy
Anniversary 13th May 2018

We celebrated Sunday School and Messy Church’s birthdays with a special service on Sunday 13th May 2018.  The service was led by Rev Katharine and The Messy Team and the theme was ‘Going Global’.  We had decorated the church with literally 100 flags of the world and had an enormous world map displayed against our large Easter cross at the front of Church to symbolise that wherever we are in the world God’s presence and his love are always with us.  The congregation decorated card figures and then stuck them around the edges of the map – remembering people who were connected with them or Kingsfold Church now or in the past.  We also used heart shaped Post It notes to write situations, places and people we wanted to remember in prayer which were then stuck onto the map.  Lynne led our Intercession prayers summing up all our heart Post It requests.

Following on from a reading from Ephesians 3 - we heard a very powerful story all about love – ‘Wherever You Are’ by Nancy Tillman.  Rev Katharine gave a short message about the love of God and we sang a selection of old and new hymns and choruses.  We had a wonderful and blessed time of fellowship together and finished with cups of tea, coffee and of course - cake!

This year was Sunday Schools 62nd birthday and Messy Church’s 9th birthday which is pretty amazing!  Sunday School started in a wooden hut on the Kingsfold Estate 62 years ago in 1956 and in those 62 years we have seen literally hundreds and hundreds of children and young people pass through its doors.  Some of those people were with us in church joining in the celebrations – whilst others have moved away to live and work elsewhere in the UK and indeed the World!

Many of the people who were in the congregation had been – and some still are – involved in those lives, teaching them of the love of God and seeing him make a real difference in their young lives – so a special thank you goes to all those people who have been a part of the process – who have possessed a real love and passion for children and young people and whom God has used throughout the years for making that difference.

Messy Church began just 9 years ago in 2009 – after we had seen a dramatic decline in children coming to Sunday School.  We had no idea if it would work but Tim and Jenny Keightley and myself prayed about it together and went forward in faith – if God wanted it to work then it would was our philosophy!  We started with just the 3 of us working as a team, not many children and definitely no families!  Today we have grown to a team of 10 leaders and upwards of 35 children and parents who regularly come each month and enjoy 2 frantic hours of fun, food and fellowship.  We may not meet on a Sunday because times have changed over the years meaning Sundays are very busy days for most modern families – it’s not a convenient day any longer for going to Church but all the same Messy Church is their Church – it just happens to be on a Friday instead – and all we do within it is done for the glory of God.

So a big thank you to each member of our Messy Team and our kitchen helpers – for all they continue to do to witness of God’s love and care.  God is still working in our Church here at Kingsfold and is still changing lives and we thank all of you for your encouragement and prayers in the work we continue to do, for and with children and young people.

Karen Rufus

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