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Editor:  Peter Dugdale

June 2019

Church Stewards

At the recent Church AGM it was accepted and affirmed by the meeting that the proposed Stewarding Team from September would be as follows:

Karen Rufus would remain as 1st Contact Steward for a second year. Gillian Rimmer will serve for a further year.  Val Ballantyne and Carole Jones will continue as stewards and Lynne Watson will join the team and begin her first year.

This proposal was made to provide both stability and continuity with our current and ongoing work with Penwortham Methodist Church and with the changes within both our own church at Kingsfold and throughout the wider Circuit.

We believe that this will provide a strong and solid background for our new incoming minister, Rev Janet Titterton, as she begins her first year of ministry at Kingsfold from September.

 Welcome to the Mayor

We offer our heartiest congratulations to Harry Hancock, who has just been honoured as the Mayor of South Ribble, the highest office in the borough, with a population of more than 100,000.

                Harry – or “Mr Mayor” as he will be known as for the next 12 months – has just completed a remarkable “hat-trick” of achievements. He was re-elected as a borough and town councillor at the recent elections, and has served as a borough councillor for the last 16 years.

So, for the next 12 months Harry will be presiding over meetings of the authority itself, and representing us at hundreds of events and functions near and far.    We wish him well.

His Mayoress, who will accompany him on many of these occasions, will be his wife, Marion, our Church Treasurer.

To mark the start of his year of office, the Mayor and Mayoress will be leading a civic procession to church here at Kingsfold at 10.30am on Sunday, June 23, for a special service conducted by our minister, the Rev Mark.  The procession will be led by a band from the Kingsfold Community Centre.  The service will be followed by refreshments in the Youth Hall.

Congratulations, also, to Geoff Crewe, who has been elected as Mayor of Penwortham, after being re-elected as a town councillor.  So, remarkably, Kingsfold Methodist Church now has two mayors in its congregation!

 New Circuit Choir

A new choir, drawn from churches around the Preston Ribble Circuit, will be making its first appearance at Kingsfold on Sunday morning, June 16, for our Church Anniversary.   The service will led by Jason McMahon, a local preacher and leader of the choir. It also includes several Kingsfold singers.

Fun Day

It will be the sixth Family Fun Day we have held at our Church on Saturday, June 15, 1pm to 3pm, and the date is fast approaching. There will lots of activities in the Youth Hall and plenty of things to do in the church grounds.  We will have a café in the 50’s room serving hot dogs, cakes and tea, coffee and juice.

But we really are in need of your help to ensure the day is a success.  You can help in a variety of ways – by making donations of chocolate for the Chocolate Tombola stall, baking or donating cakes, tins of hot dogs for the café, bags of sweets to give out as prizes or alternatively make a money donation to Marion, the Church Treasurer, to offset the cost of the event.

We do need more helpers on the day, both in the café and helping with the activities.  If you are able to offer help, even if it’s only for an hour or so, that would be great.  Please let Karen or any of the stewards know.  We will also be having a planning meeting within the next couple of weeks which will be announced in the notices.

We want this to be another successful free Fun Day for the community but we can’t do it alone – we really do need your help!               

Karen Rufus

 Community Audit

This Community Audit is something we have been speaking about for the past couple of months and now is the time for action.  Julie Appleby has offered to do a small Community Audit at our upcoming Fun Day, to engage with our local neighbours in Kingsfold and see just what they would like us, as a church, to offer and whether we are able to commit ourselves to help with the things they need.

Added to our own efforts we were also invited to join with some folk from Penwortham Methodist and St Leonard’s Churches on Saturday, May 25, to walk around the neighbourhood looking at it with fresh eyes, whilst trying to discover exactly what people want from the Church and the areas where help, prayer and witness is needed.

Sunday School Challenge

Some weeks ago, in Sunday School, we had the Bible story of a rich man who had to go away for a while.  Before he left he entrusted some money to three of his servants, to one he gave 500 coins, to another 200 coins and to a third 100 coins.  He told them he expected them to use the money wisely, to increase the amount he had given them and he would see how well they had done on his return.  Two of the men were hard workers but one was very lazy.  Sure enough the first two servants doubled the money for their master but the third one just buried the money and did not increase it by even a penny. 

I asked Hannah and Matthew if they would accept a challenge to do the same sort of thing.  I gave them £10 each and asked them to make as much money as they could from the original £10 - in whatever way they chose.  The only rules were that they had a finite time to do it in and, whatever they chose to do, they had to do it on their own - without any help.

Both of them were eager to accept and went off to plan what they were going to do to rise to the challenge.  Hannah decided she was going to bake cakes and sell them after church in Coffee Time while Matthew decided to sell a lot of his toys at a car boot sale and also to buy some chocolate and sell it at a profit.  I am absolutely delighted to report that they did exactly what they set out to do and the grand totals are now in (Drum roll…!)

Hannah raised £68 and Matthew raised £49 – what a fantastic amount!  Hannah is donating the money she made to St Catherine’s Hospice and Matthew is donating his money to Derian House as that’s where his young football coach Eddie spent his final days   I think you will agree that they have done really well.           

I am very proud of them and their eagerness to help others in such a special way.  They have shown just what a passion to help others and a bit of enthusiasm can do.  So next time you see them in church please give them a well-deserved pat on the back and a word of encouragement.  Kids get such bad press these days, so when they do something so amazing we should celebrate them!  Well done Hannah and Matthew!            

Karen Rufus                                   

Shoe Box Appeal

Julie Rowlandson, of International Aid, visited our Church for the Sunday School/ Messy Anniversary where 52 shoe boxes you had filled with goodies and donated were blessed and commissioned before Julie took them back to International Aid to be despatched to people in need in other countries. 

We also presented her with a cheque for £158-50 to help with the transit cost of the boxes.  Thank you so much for your generosity in donating so many shoeboxes, they will certainly bring a lot of happiness to a lot of people and also show that other people care for them too.

Churches Together in Penwortham (CTiP)

After Easter the affairs of CTiP are dominated by planning for the Penwortham Gala, on Hurst Grange Park, on June 8 and 9.  This year our marquee will be where it was last year – on the right, immediately before you reach the Children’s Playground as you come into the park from the Cop Lane entrance.

Free refreshments will be provided as usual and various Christian organisations will be represented, offering the opportunity to chat and learn a little about their work. We also intend to raise the profile of Messy Church; five of our local churches have their own Messy Churches and it is a proven way of putting members of the community who we do not see on Sundays in touch with the Good News of Jesus. Our Lay Worker, Nicola Gleeson, is among those who will be involved with this activity.

All of this is happening on the Saturday, but do not forget that there will be no morning service at Kingsfold the following day, because you are warmly invited to the open air service on the park at 11am on the Sunday.  There will, however, be a service of Holy Communion at Penwortham Methodist at 9.30am, to be led by the Rev Mark Slaney, if you cannot get to the park.
John Maiden

Penwortham Food Bank 

Here’s a new list from the Food Bank about some of the gifts which are less frequently donated but would be particularly welcome: tinned meat (eg stewing steak/mince/curries/stews), tinned fish (tuna/salmon/sardines, mackerel), tinned veg (peas/carrots/sweetcorn/mixed veg), tinned potatoes, instant mash, rice, instant noodles (including pot noodles), soup (tins and packets, esp cream of tomato), pasta sauce, curry sauce, peanut butter, tinned fruit, custard, rice pudding, cereals (esp Weetabix), plain biscuits, small jars of coffee, small packs of tea bags, and UHT/evaporated milk.

                Also welcome: basic toiletries (shampoo/soap/toothpaste/deodorant), disposable razors/sanitary protection/nappies (size 4 and above).

                The Food Bank has now been operating for over six years and, in a typical week, supplies food etc to about 25 households, enough to feed 65-75 people for three days.

Prayers for the Sick

On Sunday, June 30, at 4 pm Kingsfold is hosting the Circuit Healing and Wholeness Service; this service takes place whenever there is a fifth Sunday in the month, so there are usually three in the year.

 In structure it is not unlike the services that we are most used to on Sunday mornings. Sometimes communion is shared and there is an opportunity for people to be prayed for, either for themselves or on behalf of someone for whom they have a concern. Of course anything that is shared in the prayer time is strictly confidential.

Sunday School/Messy Anniversary

This event recently took place on Sunday, May 12, when members of our congregation, Sunday School, the Messy Team and Messy children and families celebrated another year of Youth work at Kingsfold.  The theme for the service was ‘You are Special – You are Loved’. 

Throughout the service, in songs, poems and stories we were reminded just how special we are and just how loved we are by God.

Nicky Gleeson told us the story of Punchinello, a small wooden man, who had been made by Eli, a woodcarver, who created a people called The Wemmicks.  Every Wemmick was different but all were made by Eli and all lived in the same village.  Each day they used to give each other either gold star stickers if they were considered to be talented in some way or fine looking, or a grey dot if they weren’t as attractive, were a bit chipped or not as clever or gifted.  Punchinello was given lots of grey dots by the other Wemmicks, because he wasn’t as popular or as clever, and he began to believe he wasn’t good enough, until one day he went to speak to Eli who convinced him that gold stars or grey dots didn’t make any difference to him.  Eli told Punchinello he was special, just because he belonged to him and Eli loved him.  We were reminded that God is just like Eli, he loves each one of us for who we are because he made us and we are all special to him.

During the service we made lots of heart shaped crafts to give to someone we care for and to symbolise God’s love for us we were all given a small gift box with heart sweets inside – our own ‘I am Special – I am Loved’ gift from God.                                           

Karen Rufus

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