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Editor:  Peter Dugdale

October 2019

                                            Sunday School Prize Giving/JMA

Next Sunday, October 6, at 10.30am we will have a special service of celebration for our children and young people when prizes will be presented for those who attend Sunday School and also for the little people who stay in the Creche.  It is our way of thanking them for choosing to be a part of our church, seeing them grow up and mature in their faith. 

 It is also when the JMA – Junior Mission for All - awards will be given out as a thank you to the young people who collect money each week from members of our church congregation which is then given to the Methodist Church’s mission programmes.  The money goes to support about 60 partner churches across the world and also supports mission projects in the UK.

Please come along to encourage and support our young people and stay for coffee after the service for a chat with them.
Karen Rufus

                                                        Messy Light Party

            Autumn is here and with it comes planning for our Messy Church’s annual Messy Light Party.

This is a Christian upbeat alternative to Halloween’s more familiar ghosts, monsters and horror customs – it is a gentle message that Jesus is the Light of the World and that nothing dark can ever overcome it. 

 Our Light Party will promote a force for good and is a reminder of the fundamental Christian message that there is always light to be found in darkness.  Families and children are invited to come along in fancy dress to join in an evening of food, fun and games on Friday, October 25, 6pm – 8pm.  This is your invitation to come and join in the fun!                  Karen Rufus

Community Audit Update

            Representatives from Kingsfold, Penwortham Methodist and St Leonard’s churches have recently met again to take this idea of a Community Audit forward a little further.

There are plans to produce a booklet containing what is on offer in our small area of Penwortham – within the three churches - but also things that are going on in our community.  Once compiled, the booklet will then be printed and distributed to each house within the areas covered by the above three churches eg the Parish of St Leonard’s – about 4,000 homes in total. 

We are also meeting with Steve Caswell, who is the Town Manager based at Kingsfold Community Centre, to discover the activities that are on offer at the Community Centre so that these can also be included in the booklet.  The church stewards will continue to keep you updated - we are keen to make this booklet a reality and hope that it will prove to be a useful tool for young families, the lonely and the elderly to use, to enable them all to get the most out of, and feel less isolated within the community in which they live.                         Karen Rufus

Mission Matters

Friends of Kenya’s Children (FKC): In the last Kingsfolder I brought you up to date on some of the major projects taking place at the school in Eldoret, such as the school bus and the project to sink a fresh water well on the school premises. There is nothing more to say about those things for the time being. So, I thought this month that I would concentrate on fund raising. Sandra Noon and Jennie Atherton, the secretary and treasurer respectively of the FKC committee, have recently spent a week or so up in Lancashire partly holidaying and partly visiting old friends. Enid and I had a very enjoyable day with them during that time and, of course, we talked about FKC. We ranged over many things and one of them was FKC and fund raising.

The first thing to say is that they are very grateful for the continuing regular support from Kingsfold; also one-off gifts, that come in because the giver is particularly challenged by an item in the newsletter. These are always particularly welcome. They also said that one or two of their fund-raising projects that are labour intensive and are taking a toll on their own comparatively small church family are going to ease off and their major efforts are going to be put into the fashion shows which in the past have raised four figure sums without too much difficulty.

Finally, if you are keen watchers of Bargain Hunt, you may have seen the auction taking place at Bamfords in Derby. FKC have an arrangement with Bamfords that, if they are given bric-a-brac items that may have some value, the auction house will value them and sell them; one recent batch that was dealt with in this way raised over £800. Perhaps that is something we could think of doing either for our own funds or FKC or some other charity of our choice.

                                                 The Leprosy Mission (TLM):

You may recall that Lynne Watson and I led our World Leprosy Mission service in early February which majored on the work of the Anandaban Hospital in Nepal to which we sent gifts totalling £300 as well as another £56 from TLM boxes. All this money was match-funded by the Government, which gives a total of £712.  I have recently received a card from TLM, thanking us for our gifts and telling us that with the match funding TLM was able to raise £4,154,781 overall for Anandaban Hospital. The card says, “To all at KIngsfold Methodist Church, your incredible gifts to Heal Nepal will bring Christ’s love and healing to people with leprosy.”

The Tuesday Fellowship’s Leprosy Mission Lunch and Meeting takes place in October and you will find details of it elsewhere in this Kingsfolder.                                                                John Maiden

Fox Street Night Shelter

            Even though Methodist Action North West is now gone – having lost much of its major funding – the Fox Street Night Shelter, which provides accommodation for up to 20 homeless men, is still up and running, and hoping to remain so.

            The latest news is that the work will eventually be taken over by a local Housing Association. But that will not be official until next March, at the earliest, and will subsequently be transferred to other premises. 

            In the meantime, those who run the Fox Street community are working hard to keep up this great work - which was started by the congregation of Central Methodist Church, Lune Street, more than 20 years ago - with help from various sources, not least churches like ours.

In the year just ended on August 30, our Kingsfold coffee shop (on Thursdays and Sundays) raised more than £1,000 in small donations for it and the church has committed to donating at least a further £1,000 a year for the next two years.  We are also pledged to send Fox Street items of food etc, which are collected in the orange box in the church foyer – in addition to donations we  give separately for the local Food Bank in the blue box.           

                        Information about Methodist Action’s other work in providing re-conditioned homes in Preston and surrounding areas for 150 vulnerable people, which is also threatened, is also positive. News is expected shortly on negotiations for many of these to be taken over by a charity-based organisation.

Afternoon Fellowship (Tuesday 2pm)

On Tuesday, October 15, we are holding our annual lunch in aid of The Leprosy Mission. We are expecting Paul Moores, the North West rep for TLM to tell us more about the work being done among leprosy sufferers. The lunch will be at 12.30 pm with a service at 2 pm. There will also be a Bring and Buy Stall. You are all very welcome to join us but if you would like to come for the lunch please let either John or Enid Maiden know by Sunday, October 13.

Oct  1 – Ron Christopher

        8 – Denise Johnson

      15 – Leprosy Mission Day - lunch, stalls and service

      22 – Rev Janet Titterton

      29 – Trip

Card Stall

Thank you to all of you who have bought cards from the stall in the church foyer and to those who have put in a little bit extra. This year we have been able to send £100 to Heartbeat which is one of the charities Harry Hancock has chosen to support as Mayor of South Ribble.
Enid Maiden                                                                                    

An Unexpected Award!

            We had to smile. Our church has just received an award in a competition for which we had not even entered!

            Officials of the Penwortham in Bloom contest for 2019 have sent us a certificate awarding us a bronze third place in their Churches Category “in the hope that you may decide to enter next year”.

            This year, they explained, there was only one entry in the Churches Category but, while out judging, they had come across other beautiful church gardens and areas, and wanted to congratulate all the volunteers for their continuing work in making their church grounds more attractive.

                        That’s nice, isn’t it?    Which reminds us that the lovely but challenging season of autumn leaf fall is now beginning, and we’re going to need lots of willing volunteers to clear them before they all blow into church .

Thanks for the Harvest

            “Yes, God is good” we sang again at our annual Harvest Festival and the proof of it was another wonderful display of flowers, fruit and vegetables to feast the eyes on in church for our annual thanksgiving.

            It was also a timely reminder to help those who are not so fortunate, as we focussed at our morning service on the needs of Ethiopia, in East Africa via the Methodist Church’s own charity “All We Can”.

That was followed by an evening service of harvest praise led by the church stewards.  

            Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way – those who donated to the cause, those who generously donated the colourful produce, those who arranged it all so beautifully, and those who distributed it afterwards.

            Thirty gifts of flowers and produce were taken out to the sick and elderly; the food tins were donated to the Penwortham Food Bank and the remaining fruit and veg was taken down for the residents at the Fox Street Night Shelter in Preston.

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