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July - August 2019

Reverend Mark's Final Service

Mark's final service at Kingsfold will be on Sunday morning, July 21.  An official farewell from the whole circuit - for Mark and the Reverend Andrew Webb - will take place at 6.30pm the same day at Bamber Bridge Methodist Church.
A circuit welcome service for our new minister, the Rev Janet Titterton and the Rev Karen le Mouton of Bamber Bridge and Trinity Longridge, will take place at Penwortham Methodist Church on Sunday, September 1, at 6.30pm.

This is an introductory message from our new minister, the Reverend Janet Titterton, who will be joining us this September:

Hi everyone,
We are the Titterton family, and we are so looking forward to making the move from West Durham to Preston Ribble and getting to know you all. We are Rev Janet, husband Barry, son Jonathan (who may or may not be joining us in Preston) and cocker spaniel Wesley. We also have an older son, James, who currently lives in Leeds with his wife Eleanor.

We have moved around a lot over the years, I am from Gateshead originally, and met Barry almost 40 years ago at Loughborough University. We made our home in Derby and Derbyshire for 30 years. When I candidated in 2012 I was sent “home” to Durham to train, and then stationed in Spennymoor in the West Durham circuit, where I have been minister for five years.Barry has now given up his engineering career to become a househusband. He enjoys long walks with Wesley and is looking forward to exploring the beautiful Lancashire countryside and coast. He is also great with computers, and he’s going to have to get into gardening now that we have a lovely manse garden to care for.
           When I’m not working I enjoy music and singing, TV and jigsaws. We both enjoy the occasional trip to the cinema or theatre.
           Jonathan is currently unemployed and has some interesting hobbies, including historic re-enactment, military history, and he plays in a brass band.
          Wesley is extremely friendly and high energy, his hobby is collecting tennis balls lost by other dogs (66 to date!).  Please let us know if you don’t like dogs and we will keep him out of your way.
          We are all set to move in and get stuck in to whatever God has in mind for us.
          Love to you all.
          Reverend Janet

 Strawberry Fair and BBQ

             Messy Church would like to invite you to our Strawberry Fair and BBQ on Saturday, July 13, from 12.30 until 2.30pm.  This is always one of the highlights of the Messy Church and Church Fellowship calendar events.

               There will be plenty of time to sit and relax in the sunshine (we hope!) enjoying each other’s company, chatting and having a bit of fun.  We hope you will come along and support this event and join us for a couple of hours of fun – games, sports, races for the children, good company and delicious food!  If the sun doesn’t shine we will hold the event in the Youth Hall.

                 If anyone would like to offer to bake some cakes or scones that would be great, please could you let Karen or any member of the Messy Team know – thank you!
Karen Rufus

Community Audit

A group of people from Kingsfold, Penwortham Methodist and St Leonard’s Churches met

together one Saturday morning in May to take part in a prayer walk as part of our planned Community Audit.  The 18 people who turned up were split into three different groups and we set off in different directions – one group walked around the Kingsfold area, another around the Middleforth area and the third around the Lower Penwortham area.  We were tasked with taking note on our walks with the different things we saw in our designated areas – the positive and negative things and, if possible, to engage in conversation with the people we met, about the area in which they lived.  There were three main questions – Penwortham is good because….. Penwortham could we better if ….. The Churches should be willing to ……

We didn’t encounter much negativity from the people we met along the way.  Most thought Penwortham had a good community feel, had a good bus service, had lots of well-established shops, some green spaces and particularly a library which had not been part of the local Council budget cuts.

After the walk we met again to discover and discuss our findings.  One of the things we noted about our church in Kingsfold was that, because of its position and particularly the foliage of the surrounding trees during the summer months, it is fairly invisible to passers-by.  Maybe better signage is something we should explore?

All of the results from the Prayer Walk have been compiled and are being taken forward to the next stage – a meeting on Saturday, July 13, from 10am to-12noon, when Greg Smith, who used to work for ‘Together Lancashire’ will be present to look at the results and advise what the next stage should be.  This will be shared with you in a future Kingsfolder.
Karen Rufus

July and The Bible

                July has been allocated as a special month in the church here at Kingsfold to put a special emphasis on The Bible. Yes, we know that every month should be a special month for Christians to study The Bible, but the Methodist Church has decided that once a year at least ministers and preachers should place additional focus for 30 days on a single Biblical book to improve our biblical literacy – in our case the Book of Colossians.
Several other churches will be doing the same, while others have already done so in Jun.             So, the preachers appointed to lead worship at Kingsfold for the four Sundays in July will all be following the same theme.       

Methodism and Marriage

                The Methodist Conference, meeting this month, will be debating one of its most contentious issues in recent years – the Church’s position on marriage in the light of the country’s laws as they stand today, and modern understanding and practice.

                A report from a specially formed “task group” will be presenting a number of recommendations on issues such as human sexuality and relationships. “The Methodist Church”, it says, “must engage with the reality of how people are living today”.

                And it calls on Conference – the Church’s highest body – to offer more support for those living in other committed relationships besides marriage. “All significant relationships”, it says, “should be built on self-giving love, commitment, fidelity, loyalty, honesty, mutual respect, equality and the desire for the mutual flourishing of the people involved”.

                The Church, which has not changed its settled position on the subject for 26 years, is now being asked to produce, for the first time, a series of resources for the celebration of civil partnerships in church buildings as well as strengthening its support for marriage.

                It recognises, however, that the changes, if approved, may not be to the liking of everyone in the Church who hold differing views of the Bible and Christian tradition, including individual churches and ministers. They would, if they wished, be allowed to opt out of the proposed changes.

                The recommendations, if approved by Conference, which is meeting in Birmingham, would then come down to District Synods, including our own in Lancashire, for further consideration from September, with votes in Spring 2020, before returning to the 2020 Conference.

                In our own Preston Ribble Circuit, there is a series of discussion forums on Marriage and Relationships taking place at the present time, at Ingol Methodist Church, and the remaining ones will take place on July 14 (on Bisexuality), July 28 (Transgender) and August 4 (an Inclusive Church?).

Each session will include what the Old and New Testaments and contemporary British Society say about these issues - and what should the contemporary Church have to say.

The Mayor’s Chaplain

                The new Mayor of South Ribble, Coun Harry Hancock, has appointed his own chaplain to lead opening prayers at the Borough Council meetings during his year of office.

                Our minister, the Rev Mark Slaney, will not be available, moving to his new appointment in Scotland at the end of this month, and the first full council meeting will have the Rev Paul Davis, our former minister at Kingsfold, and now Lancashire District Chair, officiating.

                For the rest of the year, however, the Mayor has invited the Rev John Maiden, from our own church, to undertake his chaplaincy duties.

Friends of Kenya’s Children (FKC)

 When a group from FKC went out to Kenya last October they took with them a list of questions from the trustees to be discussed by the management and the staff of the school. The first question was “What do you need most?” The unanimous answer was “A school bus.”

The visitors were told that all good schools in Kenya have a bus to collect pupils from around the area each day as the parents don’t have cars. The bus is a mark of a good school. It can also be used to take pupils out of school for sports and other events. When enquiries were made about the financial viability of such a project it was found that FKC had the funds available and so the go-ahead was given to buy a good quality second-hand van which was duly equipped and painted for its new role. After a Thanksgiving Service for its purchase at Rev Kenneth Kimeu’s church it is now being used each day to bring children into school. School numbers have gone up and, as the parents of these children are able to pay the small fees required for their children’s schooling, more of FKC’s financial support can be used to cover the education and accommodation of the orphan pupils.

Another good news story has been brought about by the apparent disaster of the drought which has afflicted East Africa. The problem for the school has been that it has led to them having to purchase expensive bottled drinking water, and water for other purposes has had to be brought from the river by both staff and pupils; this has led to an outbreaks of typhoid and malaria in the school. However, a neighbouring hospital has been able to maintain its own pure water supply because it had a well drilled through the bedrock on which it is built. This is the same bedrock on which the school is built and plans are now in place to drill from the school compound and access the water for the use of the school. Apparently FKC has the finances available from several years’ gift aid which has been stored for just such an eventuality. Nevertheless I am sure that if anyone wants to make a donation to this project it will be most acceptable so please let me know.
John Maiden

More Ordinands?

                The Preston Ribble Methodist Circuit, consisting of 13 churches from Hoole to Longridge, including Kingsfold, is experiencing an amazing surge of would-be candidates for the ordained ministry at the very time that it is struggling to get more people in the pews.

                The recent June circuit meeting, at Bamber Bridge, had no fewer than three candidates approved for further assessment at a higher level – two as possible presbyteral ministers and one as a potential deacon – a total which the Superintendent Minister, the Rev Mark Slaney, said was a first-time for him.

                Mark also revealed that he had five or six other potential candidates weighing up a possible “call”.  If those actually come through they would be presented at a subsequent meeting.

                Several of the candidates are expected to come from a recent large batch of lay preachers in training.   There are just two candidates for the ministry from the whole Lancashire District being ordained at this year’s Methodist Conference.

Food Bank

                The Penwortham Food Bank, which is run by volunteers from the local churches, is still providing for people in need. Gifts may be placed in a Blue Box in the church foyer, or at Booth’s supermarket. Cash donations to help replenish the stock may be given to the Rev John Maiden, our church contact.

                Items most needed at the moment are tinned meat(stewing steak/mince/curries/stews), tinned fish (tuna/salmon/sardines/mackerel), tinned veg (peas/carrots/sweetcorn/mixed veg), tinned potatoes, instant mash, rice, instant noodles (including pot noodles), soup (tins and packets), pasta sauce, curry sauce, peanut butter, tinned fruit, custard, rice pudding, cereals (esp Weetabix), plain biscuits, small jars of coffee, small packs of tea bags and UHT/evaporated milk.

Also welcome: basic toiletries (shampoo/soap/toothpaste/deodorant), disposable razors, sanitary protection, nappies size 4 and above).

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