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Editor:  Peter Dugdale


"Talking of God - with Others

                Whether you are aiming to go through Lent as a GUS, a TOM or a LEO, (or all three), the Church has laid on a helpful little group of meetings throughout the next six weeks specifically designed to help you in sharing your faith.

                “Talking of God with Others” will be held from 7pm to 9pm each Thursday evening throughout Lent, sharing with Bamber Bridge and Penwortham Methodist as well as our own folks here at Kingsfold.   And they will be led by our two ministers, the Rev Karen Le Mouton and the Rev Janet, plus our two lay workers, Denise Johnson and Nicky Gleeson.

                To help you get the most out of these discussions little handbooks are available through Denise.

                The dates and places of the study times are:

Bamber Bridge – Feb 27 and March 12

Kingsfold – March 5 and March 19

Penwortham – March 26 and April 2

                Leaflets giving these details are also available in the church foyer.

Marking Lent

                Each Sunday in Lent we will be marking Christ’s journey to the Cross by adding symbols of his trials to our own cross of wood.

                On Palm Sunday, which follows on the first week in April, we will be sharing the morning service here at Kingsfold with our friends from St Leonard’s, led by the Rev John Maiden and the vicar, the Rev Nick Mansfield.

No Minister  

                Another re-shuffle of Methodist ministers could be in prospect for our Preston Ribble Circuit this summer with the news that the Rev Katharine Bland will NOT be replaced in the Longton section.

                Circuit officials have just announced that their request for a successor to Katharine in the Longton, New Longton and Hoole group has been refused owing to a national shortage of ordained presbyters.

                Just how this is going to affect the three churches – and the rest of the Preston Ribble Circuit – is not yet known but, with this refusal always thought a possibility, the circuit leadership team is believed to have a Plan B to fall back on.

                The remaining ministers in the circuit, including our own Rev Janet, are already somewhat stretched, and congregations will be hoping for some additional help if that could be forthcoming.

                There will also be a further ministerial problem next year as Janet and the Superintendent minister, the Rev Jane Wild, will both be away (at different times) on sabbatical leave.


Each church in the Circuit has received the following information regarding the recent Marriage and Relationship discussion held at the Methodist Conference last year:

“For the last three years the Methodist Church has been taking another look at our understanding of sexuality, the nature of relationships and marriage.

` Connexional working party produced an excellent report which was debated at Methodist Conference in 2019 and which will be voted on this year.   The 69-page report is really helpful, and the Circuit Leadership Team feels that every member of our circuit should, at the very least, hear the highlights of its content.

Therefore, during the month of March this year, three dedicated preachers will take a morning worship appointment in every church in the circuit to present the highlights of the report.  The service is an act of worship in itself.   Please come to worship that morning, when a fuller explanation will be given by the preacher.”

Our special Marriage and Relationship worship service here at Kingsfold will be on Sunday morning, March 8.  Afterwards there will be an opportunity to pass any comments, questions or suggestions to the church stewards who will be present at this service.  All of the comments received will be kept completely anonymous, and the stewards will pass them on to our minister, Rev Janet Titterton, who will take them forward to the next Circuit Leadership Team meeting in May.      

Snippets from the Stewards

             Shoebox Appeal - as last year’s appeal received a very positive response from both the congregation and Youth Groups it was felt that it was worth repeating - at least for this year.  There will be a special evening service on March 22, when Julie Rowlandson from International Aid will be present to give us an update on their work.  Julie has just returned from Sierra Leone so we are looking forward to hearing all about her trip.

             Thursday Threads – this is the name for our church’s Good as New clothing sale and outreach to the local community.  It fulfils part of our agreed Mission Plan. which was ratified by the Church Council 18 months ago.  Rev Janet came up with the name and suggested that we set up tables in the church foyer as this is a warm, bright and airy space which is also very welcoming.  The clothes will be kept upstairs on the veranda area which is an ideal place plus there is some cupboard space there which can be used for overflow storage of clothes.  Initially it will run weekly, during term time only, from 9am-11am with tea and toast served.  All the proceeds from the sale and donations for tea and toast will be shared between church funds and the Penwortham Food Bank.  We have also received kind offers of help from our friends at Penwortham Methodist, who have loaned us clothing rails and donated clothes.  Support and offers of help from our own congregation for this mission-led outreach would also be welcome.
Karen Rufus

Helping Africa 

                It is, perhaps, not all that well recognised around Lancashire Methodism, but the churches here have now been sending out teams of mission volunteers to Africa for 15 years.

                A team of four lay people has just come back from Sierra Leone after the latest visit, helping the country’s own Methodists in vital training and development work.

                And, what has made this occasion more notable for our own Preston Ribble Circuit this time is that three of its four members are all known to us locally - senior circuit steward John Spencer, of Longridge, John Ferris, of Fulwood, and Judith Laycock, of Bamber Bridge.  The fourth member of the party, Christine Barnes, from Burnley, has also been seen here at Kingsfold recently.  Christine, a nurse, and Judith, a midwife, have been helping at a Methodist hospital out there. 

Messy Church Gift 

 Messy Church was one of Penwortham and Lostock Hall’s Co-Op local community causes for 2019 and, at the end of the year,  was presented with a cheque for £3,621.46p.  It was a lovely surprise – far exceeding the amount we thought we would get!  It will enable us to continue to offer Messy Church for at least the next couple of years.  As a thank you to Church for their support over our past 13 years we would like to gift to the Church a set of the “Singing the Faith” organ music books at a cost of £150 and 20 pew copies of the hymn books at a cost of £200.
Karen Rufus

Messy Church Report 

For our first Messy of 2020 our theme was ‘Jesus is our Superhero!’  Lynne and Karen led the worship time, using a Power Point showing pictures of fictional Superheroes eg Superman, Captain America, Spider Man etc and the kids became very involved in discussion about what makes a Superhero special - what their logos and their special super powers are.  We talked about real life Superheroes like Rosa Parks, Greta Thunberg and PC Stuart Outten – all of whom have used their voice and actions to stand up for what they believe in to help to make our world a better, safer and more equal place.

We talked about Jesus as our Superhero – someone who loves us, cares for us, has compassion for others – all traits that Christians need to be Jesus’ helpers on Earth.  We talked about a fish and a Cross being the sign of Christians, showing that we belong to Jesus and follow him - a reminder to us to show his love to others.

After worship there was a delicious tea waiting for us – Corned beef hash followed by ice cream or sponge pudding and custard.  This month we only had one craft – a family craft.  Each family had to design their own Superhero, their costume and the special powers they thought they would need.

Next up came the fun bit - one family member was chosen to be dressed up as the Superhero that they had designed.  On a central table were different coloured bin bags, foil, sparkly card, coloured corrugated card, stickers, dusters, cardboard tubes, paper flowers, which they could use to make their designs come to life.  We are always amazed at the imagination and ideas that the families come up with!  Fifty minutes later and what an array of colourful and creative costumes emerged!  Check the Messy Church photos on our website for the results – amazing!  Everyone agreed that the night was a huge success and lots of family members went home still proudly wearing their own brilliant costumes!  Messy Church is back on Friday,  February 28, from 6-8pm, on the theme of ‘Love your Neighbour’.  Come and join us for a couple of hours of messy fun, craft and games.

Everyone at Messy Church was very saddened to hear the recent news of the death of Jackie Hardacre.  Jackie had been a very willing and loyal supporter of Messy Church over the years, helping in the kitchen - always cheerful and with a smiley face of welcome for the Messy families, even when she was facing her own battle with illness.  We will miss her very much.

Messy Church is in desperate need of a couple of volunteers to help in the kitchen.  There is a rota in use which means that volunteers only have to help out twice in the year – could you help us?  Please see me or any of the Messy Team if you are willing and able to help!
Karen Rufus

Friday Focus

The Friday Focus Faith group continues to meet on the second Friday of each month in the local Cop Lane coffee shop.  There are usually 3-6 people, currently reflecting on and discussing the ‘Transforming Lives and Communities’ booklet distributed by the Lancashire District of the Methodist Church.  The booklet urges us to respond to God’s loving challenge through worship and practical mission.  So far we have covered ‘Energise Discipleship’, ‘Enable Leadership’ and more recently ‘Encourage Risk’, which was very apt as we had just begun the “Thursday Threads” good-as-new clothing mornings!  New faces are always welcome – we spend a happy hour over coffee in a relaxed setting talking about our faith and how it impacts on our daily lives.
Karen Rufus

Family News  

                Although she had not been well for some time and been living in a care home, the church at Kingsfold has been saddened this month by the death of Sheila Harnby.            Sheila had been a regular worshipper and member of the Tuesday Fellowship for a number of years and a member of the church choir. She will also be remembered every time the piano is played in the Fifties Room – because she was its donor!   Her funeral took place privately.

Mission Matters 

Friends of Kenya’s Children (FKC) – Over several years now we have supported first the Teachers’ Salary Fund and, more recently, the Orphans Fund, thus ensuring that a large number of children who would not have received an education have been able, at the very least, to graduate from preparatory school.

However, a good number of pupils have been able to go much further and it is those I would like to celebrate this month. Some of those who have gone on to High School with the help of FKC have continued further still with their education and achieved notable success. One girl, Triza, has completed a catering course and is now working happily in Nairobi and leading an independent life; another, Jane, has gained a teaching certificate and is now teaching other children; Austin is about to complete his two-year course in medical records at university and is hoping to get a job in the health service and work his way up, studying as he goes. John Deng, who is sponsored by two people in Derby, looks set for university in Canada and a whole new life – not bad for a young orphan from the desert in the north of Kenya! The money that goes from Kingsfold together with many other contributions enables this work to go on. We have several people at Kingsfold who give regularly and

generously to FKC but this may change very soon, so, if anyone else would like to make a regular contribution to the work please get in touch with me.

Gift envelopes returned from our annual World Leprosy Day service at the end of January totalled at least £240 for The Leprosy Mission, and other donations may have been sent direct. The order form for materials for the annual Christian Aid Week (in May) has arrived   I am trusting that perhaps one or two new collectors will offer their services as well as our existing loyal band. If you feel called to do this just get in touch with me.
John Maiden

Churches Together in Penwortham (CTiP)

Churches, like many organisations, are stronger together than each ploughing its own lonely furrow.    Penwortham Food Bank is a good example of working together. Getting together to worship occasionally also helps to promote this togetherness so please note the World Day of Prayer Service at St. Mary’s on Friday, March 6, and the Good Friday events, being fronted this year by Jubilee Ministries with a Walk of Witness at 10 am and the united service at 11 am, both at Whitefield Primary School.
John Maiden

World Day of Prayer

A lot has happened since the start of the Women’s World Day of Prayer in America in the mid-1880s when separate days of prayer were organised by the different denominations. Now it has become a truly international, ecumenical and inclusive day; hence the omitting of the word WOMEN from the title. The Penwortham service this year is to be held at St Mary’s CE church, on Friday, March 6, at 2 pm, all are welcome.
Enid Maiden

See the Bible – in Wool

                Penwortham Methodist Church is staging a remarkable exhibition this month when it opens its door for an amazing display of Bible stories in no less than 33 scenes – all knitted in wool.

                The exhibition, which is currently going round the country, and is the work of women from the North East, will be shown over six days at Penwortham, Monday to Saturday, March 9 to 14, from 10am to 4pm, with an additional opening on the Wednesday evening (March 11) from 7pm to 9pm.

Afternoon Fellowship (Tuesday 2pm)

March 3 – Sue Davies

          10 – Knitted Bible at Penwortham Methodist

          17 – Rev Janet

          24 – Judith Laycock

          31 – Outing to Dobbie’s

New Curtains

                The final stage in the upgrade of our main church worship area is set to take place shortly with the purchase of a set of new curtains.  After detailed discussion for something to match our new carpeting and feature windows, an order has been placed with the Preston firm of Marshalls for three sets of doubles and one single to replace the present set now much faded by long use and facing the sun - plus a new coat of paint for the overhead pelmets.     The cost will come out of a legacy from the late George Pritchard.

Out Walking 

                Kingsfold Walking Group will be out in the countryside again on Saturday, March 14 – weather permitting – but have not yet announced their details.  Information nearer the time from Eileen Green on Preston 745032.   Newcomers are always welcome.

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