Kingsfold Methodist Church



Together as a Church family we are striving to love God, the community, and each other, through Worship, Learning, Service and Caring, and Mission.


In worship we aspire to be celebratory, sincere and relevant, engaging with the realities of life, encouraging and enabling people to express and explore their relationship with God.


We acknowledge and value the different levels of faith and understanding that people have.

We seek to provide opportunities for learning, nurturing and discipleship within a supportive and accepting environment.

We seek to offer opportunities for people to identify, develop and use their gifts, talents and resources for individual and mutual growth.

Service and Caring

We seek to follow Jesus’ example in caring for all with whom we come into contact, whatever their circumstances.

We want to support our local community, in times of joy and times of need.

We want to share our Church family and its resources with the people around us; that through our love in action, we hope to demonstrate God’s love and care for everyone.


We accept with gratitude, wonder and amazement the good news of God’s love for us, revealed in Jesus Christ.  In our worship, learning, service and caring we seek to proclaim and demonstrate God’s love to others that they might seek it and know it for themselves.