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We welcome any comments which you might care to leave, or if you would just like to say you have visited the site.

6th January 2022. Dear Ken,  I've just had a browse of your church website and wanted to congratulate you on how welcoming your pages are. I especially like the 'Welcome all visitors' page. Thanks so much for all you do.  Kristie Legg. Methodist Church House.

18th February 2015  The link to your website was given to me by my cousin, Geoffrey Leyland. I have just spent the most enjoyable time looking at your pictures and reading all about your church. Your address has also taken me back in time to my childhood in England since my grandmother lived on Pope Lane. May God's blessings be with you and your congregation forever.

                                            Jean Davenport, Ontario, Canada

12th April 2014  Dear Friends, Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Randall Brewer

7th April 2013  I brought my children along to the 'Easter Messy Play' for the first time. I received a really warm welcome from all of the staff/helpers. My children were spoilt rotten and really enjoyed themselves. A well organised, well supported family church. Thankyou. Nicola Harrison

5th Feb 2013  I have just completed a virtual tour of the Kingsfold area on my computer. I was interested to see the Kingsfold Church has changed somewhat since the late 1960's. I was a member of the 7th.Penwortham Scout Group and was honoured to be their first Queens Scout. It is good to see that the 7th. is still in existence. Very fond memories of those years. Best wishes from New Zealand. Allen Tromp. New Zealand

18/2/12  Dear Kings-fold Methodist church Greetings from Kenya right in the Mission field where your support is doing a great work changing lives of the Children and making a great deference just like the Starfish. Thanks very much and God bless you . Looking forward to see you. Pastor Kenneth Kimeu

15/11/11  An excellent website, Well put together by someone knowledgable and very patient.  My mother was a founder member and it was her house at 29, Pope Lane,that was used as a Sunday School.  She was very pleased with the progress of Kingsfold over the years.  Neil Worth

11/10/11  Very interesting web site ... was given the link by Janice (Whiteside) to come on and view the walking group photo's but browsed around the other bits whilst I was here :)Nicely set up and easy to use too :)
Christine Mutch.  Australia

20/9/11  Just spent a most enjoyable half hour looking at your photos. Certainly something going on for everyone. Well done!  Ken Berry.

28/11/10 I just wanted to say how great the website is. My mum (Val Ballantyne) told me about it today and I have really enjoyed looking at the photographs with mum, dad and my nephews in. Its nice to be able to see what they are all up to and be reminded of some of the beautiful countryside you have over there. Thanks,
Petra - now living on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

29/11/10  How did you make such a good website?  This is exactly the sort of thing we need to help our church. PS Webmaster well done! St Peter's Church

18/10/10  Hello Ken Great website! I wonder whether you would be able to put a link to our new website on your Links page?  Thanks in advance for your help - God Bless.  Lois Whitaker Editor, Penwortham Methodist Church website

22/8/10  Went to the Hymn Service tonight, and found it very inspiring. The words of hymns say just what we would like to say if we had the talent with words, it felt like a really Blessed Service to me. Thanks a lot, let's do another one!  Christine Grimshaw

18/6/10 Your web site continues to be a credit to the Church and all who are involved. We at New Longton are looking forward to working more closely with you from September. 
Ken Berry

24/5/10  Thank you for the opportunity to leave a note. I have followed some of the Church's activities thru the personal memos of parishoner Drake Richards and have enjoyed your church this way. God bless you for the work you do in His kingdom. One day we shall all meet! Be Blessed!  Joanne, Hugo, Minnesota, USA

9/4/10  Is this church belongs to a bapist denominations? just curious because in here in Davao City Philippines we have plenty of churches......thnk you.  Luz Mata (Philippines)

9/2/10  Received our monthly copy of the Kingsfolder this morning from Margaret Fry & was prompted to look at website(for 1st time)Why have I waited so long???It is a superb website and so easy to move round it.Made me quite nostalgic looking at all the photos!Lovely to be able to keep in touch & see what you are all doing.Well done Ken!Love to all. Enid Wilkinson  (Scotland)

It just keeps on improving. A credit to all concerned - keep up the good work, Ken!  Rev John Maiden

18/11/09  Excellent website. Full of information.  Heather Crook

17/9/09  I had to see Geoff in action, because he is my friend. The four of us have been friends for years, and will be as long as we'll live. We were in your church once and enjoyed our visit. We met 'brothers and sisters' there. A blessing from Holland for you, Lucia & Floris.  Floris Spronk

21/7/09  God rocks and so do you!  Ted Nugent

9/7/09  You have done a fantastic job, great site, well done.
                                                      Doug Jarvis  (New Zealand)

9/7/09  Good news from my son John last night. His recent scan showed that the Sunitinib has shrunk his cancerous tumour, and he has been prescribed another 12 week course. Whilst it wont cure the growth it means he can look forward to at least another two years of life. Unfortunately it is thought he has developed an ulcer and is to have an endoscopy to confirm. Please keep on praying for him and his wife Brenda.  Lucy Culshaw

23/5/09  Excellent site Ken, plenty of info easy to use stu.                                                                                   Stuart Richards

7/5/09  Some church to have such a wonderful site!  Anon

Your prayers for my son John are very much appreciated. He has now started on treatment for his cancer and has tolerated it well up to now. Please keep praying for him, and his wife Brenda who has multiple sclerosis.  Lucy Culshaw 

  There is great fellowship and Christian sprit within the walking group.  Graham Poole

24/12/08   I have to say well done sir.  I like the email haha
                                                                        Matthew Rufus

13/12/08   Thank you Ken for putting little William Bald on your prayer list.  This takes the "Ring of Prayer" around Hoole,New Zealand, Australia, America, back to Kingsfold. It's good to have the link.  Bill Carr

13/12/08   Very informative, parishioners should be pleased.
                                                                              Ian Sugden

12/12/08   What an excellent web site, congratulations to you all, and I will keep it in my favorites.  Cheers from 
                                        Australia Qld  Rena & Colin Dugdale

11/12/08   Excellent read about Scouting groups.  Anon

11/12/08   A very professional and informative website. It is a credit to your church.  You are very lucky to have such an accomplished webmaster.   John Ellison

11/12/08   Visited and enjoyed !  Terrific that I can keep up with Kingsfold news on-line- thank you, safely stored in my favourites!!
                                                                                   John Fry

10/12/08   First class and full of information, well done Ken.
                              County Councillor Tony and Doris Pimblett

1/12/08   Excellent site, well done Ken  Keith Waldron

1/12/08   Found you at last! It's only taken me so long because I am thick, at least electronically speaking.  A great web site! Keep up the good work!  John Maiden

30/11/08   Your new website is most attractive and is a first-class advert for the range of activities which are taking place. May God continue to bless all that you do in His name.
                            Ken Berry.  New Longton Methodist Church

30/11/08   Congratulations on an excellent new website.
                                                                         Adrian McHugh

26/11/08    Kenneth Rufus is a friend of mine. I have known his mother Agnes Rufus since 1937 when I was in England and we have been pen-pals since my return to Niagara Falls where I lived at that time. Agnes' mother and my mother were childhood friends.  Your program seems very active which in my opinion is excellent. We do belong to God and hope it will always be that way. It is comforting (at my age) to see the children active and happy. The very best to all of you.  Kathleen Muttit.

19/11/08  Congratulations to all involved. Great website. Keep it up.  Elizabeth Garside

15/11/08.   Well presented! and user friendly  Trevor Wiggans.

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